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With the introduction of the next generation of Air Circuit breakers from GE Power Controls it is now possible to retrofit a M-PACT Mk II breaker into an M-PACT Mk I cassette. This eliminates the costly capital outlay of replacing a complete switchboard to upgrade your protection.
75% cost saving against a replacement switchboard...
Today a typical switchboard with 2 1600 Amp incomers and a bus section switch and a mixture or 630, 400, 200 and 100 Amp outgoing circuits would cost circa 40,000 to replace. However, to upgrade the incoming Air Circuit Breakers with the M-PACT Mk II would instead cost approximately 10,000.
...savings of up to 30,000 using Switchgear Integrated Maintenance to Retrofit a M-PACT II
We can retrofit the following...
M-Pact I to M-Pact II Air Circuit Breakers
M23 to M-Pact II Air Circuit Breakers