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M-Pact I and II are used in a variety of different manufactures switchboards (e.g. "System 4" and OEM/Panelbuilder Switchboards).
M-PRO Protection Management Unit
has been developed by GEC Alsthom and GE for use with the M-Pact air curcuit breakers.
System 4 Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboards
Under normal service conditions it is recommended that to obtain the maximum reliable service life from your equipment an inspection should be made annually by Switchgear Integrated Maintenance Ltd. Where the environment/service duty on individual circuits is severe, there may be a need for shorter service intervals.
MiniFORM Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboards
The basic module comprises five 63, 100, 200 or 250 Amp fuse switch units arranged in tier formation with a common front access cabling compartment.
M80 Low Voltage Switchgear
We provide maintenance on M80 Circuit Breakers.

Each cubicle is a factory built assembly equipped for use on 3 phase 4-wire systems up to 660 volts a.c. and incorporates conventional air circuit breakers having enclosed thermal ratings up to 4000 amps. Two variations of the range are available.
Fuse Switches
We can provide maintenance and spare parts for the full range of: