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M-PRO Protection Management Unit
System 4 Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboards
MiniFORM Low Voltage Cubicle Switchboards
M80 Low Voltage Switchgear
Fuse Switches
M80 Low Voltage Switchgear
We provide maintenance on M80 Circuit Breakers.

Each cubicle is a factory built assembly equipped for use on 3 phase 4-wire systems up to 660 volts a.c. and incorporates conventional air circuit breakers having enclosed thermal ratings up to 4000 amps. Two variations of the range are available.
Class MG80 arrangements provide a degree of enclosure protection corresponding to IP42 of BS5420 and IEC 144 with the A.C.B. in the 'CONNECTED' position and all covers fitted.
Class MH80 arrangements comprise the Class MG80 unit with a front addition to the cubicle to provide a degree of protection the the A.C.B. corresponding to IP42 or IP52 irrespective of whether the A.C.B. is in the 'CONNECTED', or 'DISCONNECTED' position by means of a clear view panel door.
Standard degree of protection to BS.5420
Higher levels of degree enclosure
Fully certified range
Circuit or busbar earthing
Short time rated & current limiting
3 or 4 pole arrangements